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MergedMining a BTC/NMC Mining Company. GLBSE Ticker: MergedMining

Today we are looking at another BTC mining company listed on GBLSE - MergedMining.  They have been listed on GLBSE since October 2011.  There current mining speed is 1.27GH/s.  With them being a mining company you can expect regular dividends.  With each BTC now valued at $5.60/£3.78 and rising BTC mining is becoming more profitable.

Originally posted by OgNasty on bitcointalk.org

Current Assets:
  • $495.38
Mining Rig #1:
  • ATI Radeon HD 5970 x2
  • Gigabyte 870A-USB3 ATX Motherboard
  • PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W
  • AMD Sempron 130 Sargas 2.6GHz & Heatsink/Fan
  • Kingston 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
  • Western Digital 500GB HD
  • Kill A Watt Electricity Meter

Dividend Payments:

Donate Hashing Power:

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With a current thirty day trading volume of 1887 shares valued at 244.13BTC MergedMining GLBSE charts

Monday, 30 January 2012

TyGrr Tech Mining GLBSE issue. GLBSE Ticker: TyGrr

Taken from Goat post on bitcointalk.org

Ticker: TyGrr

Producing Virtual Scarcity at 10 Ghash/S +  

Total shares 1,500    Company value  $15,000

IPO: 450 shares.  The shares will be sold for $10 USD per share. This is to keep the total company valued at $15,000 USD

The CEO (Goat) will keep the remaining shares as he has faith in TyGrr Techs future:)

What makes TyGrr tech different from other mining companies? The CEO (Goat) will offer to pay $US dollar cash for any share at anytime from anyone. The price Goat will pay will be 90% of the value of the assets of the Company. Therefor if bitcoin price falls in terms of US dollars the stock price of TyGrr will go up. 

We are able to offer this protection in case of bitcoin fail because our mining rigs where made for quick resale as mid to high end gaming machines. We will be able to recover a premium for the machines as they are. 

TyGrr will also be paying weekly dividend on the coins mined. 

The only costs/fee that will be taken is a 5% fee on weekly profit to the CEO (Goat) for running the operation. Profit will be the value of all coins mined minus electric costs. 

TyGrr Tech is currently mining! Our first Dividend paying week will start this Sunday at 16:00 Thai time. First dividends will be paid on the 29th of November at 16:00 Thai time. 

I will be willing to send physical stock certificates to large long term investors. These certificates will only be valid if traded back to TyGrr Tech. I will also sell stock over the counter and move it to your GLBSE account if you would like to set a price and an amount before hand. 

Who is Goat?  Goat is Jared of the USA who currently operates in Thailand. He has studied both Computer Engineering (USA) and International Business Administration (Thailand). He is currently employed by the Thai Government and lives here with his wife and son. 

Photos can be found here. http://s1081.photobucket.com/albums/j343/TyGrrTech/  This will be updated and many photos will be added ASAP!

TyGrr Tech Contract

1,500 shares shall be created. 
30% or 450 shares shall be sold on GLBSE.
70% of the shares will be held by the CEO (Goat)
The CEO (Goat) has the right to sell up to 20% of the remaining total shares (300 shares) to raise capital if he wishes.
If the CEO (Goat) wishes to sell more than 50% of the total shares to the public a motion must be passed by the stock holders with 60% of the votes cast to get approval. 

Dividends will be paid weekly and distributed though the GLBSE site. 
The dividend will be the total of all coins generated since last payment minus weekly costs.
Each payment will be made at approximately Tuesday 16:00 Thailand time. 
If payments are delayed for any reason they will be sent as soon as possible. 

CEO pay
The CEO (Goat) will collect a payment of 5% of the weekly profit. The profit will be the coins generated minus the electric cost to mine the coins. 

Electric costs
The current rate of electricity is 4.09 Thai Baht or .1323 USD per MWH after all taxes. Electricity will need to be paid local in Thai Baht.

Weekly costs 
Weekly costs will be the estimate of the electric used for the week.
This will be adjusted once the actual cost is determined by the electric company. Extra or less dividends will be paid the follow week to correct all imbalances.

Other costs
Other costs will be covered by capital gained by the sale of Stock. For example the maintaining of a future website or a new PSU will be paid for with bitcoin gained by stock sale capital generation.

The domain name is owned by and is the personal property of the CEO (Goat).
The CEO (Goat) will allow Tygrr Tech to use the domain name for the purpose of promoting the Tygrr Tech mining company.

Company value
The initial valuation of the company will be valued at $15,000. 
As the company changes or expands the valuation of the company will change however all assets and liabilities will be listed publicly. 

Cash for stock option
On demand The CEO (Goat) will buy back any stock using bitcoin, Thai Baht or US dollars for all shares at the set value of 90% of the value of the company.  For example the CEO (Goat) would agree to buy back 100 shares of stock for $90 at the initial evaluation. 

TyGrr Tech will take ownership of Goat’s Bond for the two mortgaged 6990s. After the loan is fully repaid the 6990s will become the property of TyGrr Tech. 

Company value
The initial valuation of the company will be valued at $15,000. 

Closing of the company
Once all assets are sold off for cash and the final dividend has been paid out the company “TyGrr Tech” will no longer exist. 

List of original assets 
2x 5770        
7x 5830        
16x 5850        
1x 5970        
2x 6990    (mortaged)   

1x 650w                      
4x 700w                     
1x 800w                  
2x 850w      

all 80+ bronze or better    (other than the 250w)

1x 555                      
5x 955                        
2x i3 2120                    


2x msi p67a-gd80   (3x 16pci 2x 1pci)           
4x msi 870a-g46   (2x 16pci 1x 1pci)           
1x msi  (2x 16pci 2x 1pci)            
1x giabyte ga880ga-ud3h  (2x 16pci 2x 1pci)              

16x 2gig DDR3                   

8x Samsung  F3 1TB                 

2x HAF-912                    
6x Case                     

8x DVD drive                   

Monitor   USED                    
5x UPS                     
Fans for cooling                  
Power strips, PCI cables other odds and ends       

Total value of the hardware $12210
Total cash on hand $3525
Total Debt 340 bitcoin $735

Total value of the company, $15,000

Original post on bitcointalk.org

Another mining contract doing well on GLBSE that pays regular dividends.

Recent 30 day volume at 79,00 shares value 219.93BTC TyGrr charts

How to create an account and purchase shares on GLBSE by 'molecular' from CoinConnect.org

by molecular from CoinConnect

I think the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange is one of the cooler things having evolved around bitcoin.
Since many people seem to have trouble using the web client (there is also a node.js and a python client, but these are probably even more problematic to use for people having trouble with the web frontend), here's a little guide to help you buy shares.
Let's say you want to buy shares of a mining company. There's a nice "green" one using FPGA managed by fizzisist. So this example uses "FPGA.contract" as the name of the issue you want to buy.

1.) Sign Up and Create an Account
Note: The GLBSE doesn't work like a normal website incorporating traditional accounts. It uses asymetric cryphography to authorize actions by users. There is no concept of a user per se, instead there is the concept of an account, so you can easily have multiple accounts which will use different keys.
Asymmetric crypthography involves storing a private key that allows signing of actions. The web client stores this key in the Browers local storage, encrypting it with a password you can choose. This password is identical across all of your accounts within that web-browser. If you want to use an account with a different browser (maybe when on vacation), that password is useless, you will need to take the keys (see point 4.)
So, here are the steps to create your first account:
  • open browser to https://glbse.com/client/glbse/index.html, enter a password to encrypt locally stored data (you choose this password and you should remember it), click "Go"
  • You should now be in "Account Managment", click "Register New Account"
  • You should now be in "Create New Account", click button "Generate new KeyPair" and enter an account name (any name will do) in "Enter a name for this account", click "Register"
  • You should be back in "Account Managment" and see the newly created account. Click the "Use" button next to the account name you entered before.
2.) Deposit funds
  • On the "Account Page" (It says "Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange" as title and there's a menu on the left), you can see your bitcoin balance on the top left below the title. Lets deposit some bitcoins by choosing "Deposit Funds" from the menu.
  • You're now on sub-page "Deposit Funds", click button "Get Deposit Address". You will see a bitcoin address in the text field below the button you just clicked.
  • Send some bitcoins to that address and wait for (I think) 7 confirmations. Click the "refresh"-icon to the right of your balance to see if the funds have arrived. (I sometimes get an error "verification failed due to incorrect signature", also when using other menu items. Dont worry too early, it seems to reliably work on second try)
  • You should now see your funds in the balance (top left)
3.) Buy shares
  • Choose "buy" from the menu.
  • Enter "FGPA.contract" into field "Enter the asset id"
  • Enter "5" (for example) into field "Enter the quantity you want to buy"
  • Enter "1" into field "Enter the price you are willing to pay"
  • Click button "Buy"
  • To verify you have bought the shares, you can choose "Portfolio" from the menu. You should also see the transaction in "Bitcoin History" and "Assets History".
  • To see the status of the Asset, choose "Asset" from the menu, enter "FPGA.contract" into field "Enter the Asset id" and click button "Get Details"
4.) Backup the keys
The keys for an account are stored as local data somehow in your browser. Maybe not a safe enough place... to make a backup, do the following:
  • go back to the "Account Managment" page by clicking button "Accounts List"
  • click button "Export Accounts"
  • click mouse in the big text area that appears and hit Ctrl-A or otherwise select all the text
  • paste that text into a new text file and store safely somewhere
5.) Where to go from here
  • click around the interface and see what you can do
  • for historic charts, go to bitcoincharts
  • if you have question or ideas or want to discuss issues, there is the GLBSE Forum
I hope this helps some people. Feedback appreciated. Donations, too: 1LBzU9PRSAbpj7MNCUnf2vBNdM7PpJbWPt

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

A look at our first item - FPGA Mining Contract Company Traded on the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange: Ticker FPGA.contract

The first item we are going to look at it a BitCoin mining item.  Before we go any further he is an article on BitCoin Mining  from www.weusecoins.com.  The FPGA Mining Contract Company makes its BitCoins by mining for BitCoins using FPGA's (Field-Programmable Gate Array).  Which seem a very interesting way to mine for BitCoins and potentially offer even better results than Radeon graphics cards.

Taken from their website - http://contract.fpgamining.com/?page_id=52 

We operate a small mining cluster built entirely out of custom FPGA boards (available for sale oncablesaurus.com). 100% of all revenue is distributed to shareholders as weekly dividends. Operating costs (electricity, maintenance, etc.) are covered by the dividends paid to the 500 shares held by the company (amounts to 8.3% of the 6000 total shares). No revenue is held for future expansion.
This simple arrangement means that it’s extremely easy to calculate your potential income. Keep an eye on thestats page to see the average hashrate (expected to be 1.75 GH/s with the planned 7 boards). Based on that and the current difficulty, you can calculate the expected weekly income.

The shares were issued in October 2011 and the company started mining in November 2011.  The company spokesperson recently said they may start offering shares in the parent company.

The current 30 day traded volume of shares is 1459 at a value of 467.15 BTC.  With the shares currently asking 0.3589BTC  Now with the BTC value now looking steady at $5.76/£3.859 a BTC up from the recent low it seem's BitCoin mining is becoming (more) profitable again. 

FPGA.contract Charts

With it being a mining contract issue on GLBSE you can expect a regular dividend.

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GLBSE 2.0 - New version of the exchange on it's way

A new version of the exchange is being developed it can be accessed from here -


Quoted from the site

"To get started go ahead and create an account, then for the fun of it create an asset or a share by clicking the traffic light at the top.
Go to your new asset and click the "Issue shares" link near the top, Then put your asset up for sale on the market.
For fun and the sake of playing around you can add as much fake "BTC" to your account as you like.
Don't forget to send us your thoughts by clicking the feedback link at the top."

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Junk and Fraud on GLBSE.

Beware of junk and fraudulent stocks, funds and bonds on GLBSE.  Hopefully this blog should be able to help you avoid that and find the best options to invest in.  Soon I'll be going through all the listed items on GLBSE.

Here is a recent list of junk/fraud GLBSE listing from senbonzakura on Bitcoin Forum


SLV = closed, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=45586.20

LIF, LIF.CX, LIF.M, LIF.A, LIF.B = closing down, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=35775.msg698197#msg698197

DISHWARA = closed, to be removed from GLBSE, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5750.400

USGOLD = scam , to be removed from GLBSE, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=53590.0

USGOLDBUYERS.COM = scam , to be removed from GLBSE, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=53590.0

BitFlowSys = closed, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=18197.0;all

KIVA =  kiva fund charity, non-active ?

BB = scam, https://glbse.com/forum/viewtopic.php?=14&t=222

CIB-Stocks = error

SMM = closed, non-active, abandoned , dont buy, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=39781

SIN = closed, scam , dont buy, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=8167.940

UBX = abandoned, dont buy , old name Ubitex , https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=6584.msg707057#msg707057

PBJ = abandoned, dont buy, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=31281.140

OPTIMALBITCOIN = closed, bond, dont buy , https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=18205.0

BID = no recent updates, last update oct 2011 , BiddingPond.com - We'll be right back ,BiddingPond.com - The Internet's Auction House. Formerly known as The Bitcoin Auction Site is currently undergoing some changes.

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Brief introduction to the blog and BitCoin.

Welcome to the GLBSE BitCoin Stock Market watch blog.  The GLBSE BitCoin Stock Market is very new and BitCoin is still in it's infancy.  BitCoin is a virtual online crypto-currency exchangeable for commen currencys (US Dollar, Euro's and British Pounds ect.), also for gold and silver.

Wikipedia article on BitCoin.

Places you can buy BitCoins are the likes of Mt.Gox and Intersango amongst many other ways some completely anonymous.  Your BitCoins are stored in a virtual wallet on your PC or memory stick.  Here's how to create a secure BitCoin wallet on a USB stick.  Or you could open a (anonymous) BitCoin bank account with flexcoin

On the GLBSE BitCoin Stock Market you can invest in stocks, shares and bonds with BitCoins.  You can also invest in some commodity based funds such as silver.  Hopefully I will be able to help you navigate the risks and possible pitfalls surrounding such a new investment vehicle.  One of the best features of the GLBSE BitCoin Stock Exchange is its anonymous and offshore nature.

Official GLBSE blog


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