Saturday, 28 January 2012

Junk and Fraud on GLBSE.

Beware of junk and fraudulent stocks, funds and bonds on GLBSE.  Hopefully this blog should be able to help you avoid that and find the best options to invest in.  Soon I'll be going through all the listed items on GLBSE.

Here is a recent list of junk/fraud GLBSE listing from senbonzakura on Bitcoin Forum

SLV = closed,

LIF, LIF.CX, LIF.M, LIF.A, LIF.B = closing down,

DISHWARA = closed, to be removed from GLBSE,

USGOLD = scam , to be removed from GLBSE,

USGOLDBUYERS.COM = scam , to be removed from GLBSE,

BitFlowSys = closed,;all

KIVA =  kiva fund charity, non-active ?

BB = scam,

CIB-Stocks = error

SMM = closed, non-active, abandoned , dont buy,

SIN = closed, scam , dont buy,

UBX = abandoned, dont buy , old name Ubitex ,

PBJ = abandoned, dont buy,

OPTIMALBITCOIN = closed, bond, dont buy ,

BID = no recent updates, last update oct 2011 , - We'll be right back , - The Internet's Auction House. Formerly known as The Bitcoin Auction Site is currently undergoing some changes.

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