Monday, 27 February 2012

Comparison of BTC mining company's on the GLBSE

BMMO: Current mining power per BTC: 2.80Mhash/BTC 

MerdegMining: Current mining power per BTC: 2.25Mhash/BTC

TyGrr: Current mining power per BTC: 2.66Mhash/BTC

JLP-BMD: 4.19 MH/s per BTC spent or 0.514 MH/s per share

The two latest start-ups.

Bitcoin Syndicate: 2MHash/s per BTC invested or 0.5MHash/s per Share

RSM: 4.16MH/s per BTC invested or 1.32MH/s per share

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

GLBSE ticker symbol RSM update

My own company Red Star Mining GLBSE ticker symbol RSM is offering 1.664MH/s per share at 0.4BTC per share or 4.16MH/s per BTC invested.  The electricity costs will be around £20 a month for 1.663GH/s generating around 37BTC a month at todays difficulty.  The CEO is being paid 1BTC or 1% of profits which ever is greatist for arrangement of paying electricity costs and running the machines and the company as a whole.  If you haven't already check RSM out on the GLBSE and invest while you still can at only 0.4BTC per share!

Check out Red Star mining (RSM) blog

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stock pick of the month: CoinConnect GLBSE ticker symbol: CC

If you've got some BTC to invest and you aren't looking at mining company's then I recommend you take a look at CoinConnect (GLBSE charts).  CoinConnect is a new social network aimed at Bitcoin users and I think the potential is massive.  If you look at how busy and active forum is you can see how active the Bitcoin community is but forums are very limited when it comes to networking and company's reaching customers.  CoinConnect has been online for nearly a year but has been plagued by spammers and suffered by the developer's resources he has been able to put into that single project but now the developer has been able to find someone to administrate and moderate the site.  So now the site can reach its full potential and slowly grow to a macro scale user base possibly bigger than  The shares are a bargain at the moment at just 0.018BTC each get in there fast while there still peanuts because I think this time next year that figure could be on the other side of the decimal place.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ultima Fund. None GLBSE investment.

Taken from there home page -

Ultima Fund is the first bitcoin denominated investment fund open to public. It's simple and inovative design allows you to invest in various financial markets around the world, both bitcoin and non-bitcoin denominated. Our goal is to merge the simplicity of traditional mutual funds and sophistication of modern hedge funds.
You can start investing with us in just a few minutes.  No financial expertise needed.  First you need to open an account.  Don't worry, you are not obliged to invest anything.  You can just register to see how it looks, no need to deposit any real bitcoins.  You will get your personal deposit address when you log in for the first time.  Use this address to deposit real bitcoins when (and if) you decide to invest.  There is no minimum deposit required.  You can start with just 0.01 BTC if you like.  We charge a small deposit fee that will be deducted from every deposit you make.  Check "fund data and expenses" below for exact numbers.
When you wish to withdraw your bitcoins, just submit a withdrawal request from you personal account page.  You can withdraw the current value of your investment at any time.  Withdrawals are always commission free!

Ultima fund is none GLBSE private fund.  Around 90% of the gains so far have been through trading Bitcoin.  They have opened other positions too on EUR/USD and USD/CHF currency pairs.  They was looking to invest in silver but missed the dip, so at the moment are waiting for a pull back to $30 when they plan to add some silver to the fund.

They don't trade specific stocks only options and publicly traded funds.  The stratergy seems to be invested as little time as possible and wait for the extremes in the market.  The fund manager claimed the stratergy has been working for him for years but can be boring in times of no opportunities.  They state their first concern is not to loose money and the second one is to make money.  Check them out at

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bitcoin crash get them while there going cheap!

With Bitcoin currency exchange Tradehill suspending trading (news link) and now Paxum dropping BTC transactions (news link) due to pressure from banks it's a bad time for Bitcoin and you could of expected the current crash to £3.10/$4.80.  Maybe there be a couple of weeks of low stagnant prices but I reckon in two weeks the price will start to bounce back up.  So if you got any spare cash in your bank account right now is a good time to buy Bitcoins at the current low.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Protecting your BitCoin wallet!

Your Bitcoin wallet is probably more secure if you use an alternative operating system to Windows.  As Windows operating system is the main target for viruses, malware and hackers.  Ubuntu is a good free alternative to Windows that is easy to use and with lots of support.  If your new to the world of Linux and unsure of partitioning your hard-drive or completely removing Windows you could use Wubi to install (and remove) Ubuntu like any other Windows application.  If your using a laptop and would like a massive boost to your battery life compared to Windows you could use the Lubuntu flavour of Ubuntu.  If your using Wubi to install your Ubuntu you can just select the Lubuntu desktop package at the start of the Wubi installation.  Lubuntu also works well on old hardware very well as does Xubuntu my favourite flavour of Ubuntu.
Your BitCoins are more secure using any other operating system than Windows.
If you'd like a mobile secure wallet you can install Ubuntu or any of it's variates onto a USB memory stick and boot your PC from USB.  Here is a good guide how to do just that link.  There is also this sticky on "HOWTO: Create a 100% secure wallet".
You could use Flexcoin to store your BitCoins securely tho it can involve fee which can be discounted against by having a positive balance kind of like an interest payment.  When you choose the cold storage option with Flexcoin it's basically sending your BTC to an offline computer for safe storage.  For an added layer of security their physical back-ups are stored in a actual bank vault.  Whatever option you choose if you've got BitCoins to store you defiantly want to think about making sure there safe from hackers.  Or even accidental loss too how many times have you had a virus and had to reinstall Windows or a hard-drive died on you?  Well you'd loose all your Bitcoins!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Reasons for doing this blog

The main reason I am doing this blog is because I'm looking to invest on GLBSE and I thought I'd share my research with other (potential) GLBSE investors.  A good benefit to GLBSE mining company's is that the exchange offers you the chance to profit from BitCoin mining without the complexity of setting it, as well as paying out for the hardware and electricity.   All the company's I've reviewed on the blog look good and are potential destinations for my BitCoins.  I think an investment fund spread out over GLBSE products would be a safe bet rather than risking it all in one item.  There was the Lif family of funds but they turned out to be junk/fraud which is a definite risk on GLBSE but BitCoins are still very new and the GLBSE is even newer.  Hopefully this blog will help you find safe, secure and profitable shares to buy.  All the GLSBE listing I have blogged about look good but the ones that have caught my eye are BitCoin mining companys TyGrr, FPGA.contract, Nasdaq investment fund XID.ALPHA, BTCWEB the BitCoin webhosting company looks a good safe bet and CC CoinConnect BitCoin social network looks promising.  I think all those companys could be destinations for my BitCoins on GLBSE.
Since starting my research into GLBSE and blogging it I have decided to start my own GLBSE listed company Red Star Mining exchange ticker symbol: RSM with the help of financial advice from the Islamic Bank of Bitcoin which I'm very gratfull for.  If you haven't done so yet I recommend you check the company's blog.  Thanks for reading and following this blog I hope you find it useful.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

GLBSE Ticker Symbol:

Taken from TTBit post on forum post

I have entered into a partnership to purchase a 2 year old Louisiana-bred thoroughbred filly with the intent on racing her in Louisiana. Because Louisiana has four race tracks, we will be able to race year-round for attractive purse money. The horse has been named "Satoshi's Daemon". To try and offset some of our initial costs, we're going to offer what we call "Bitcoin Interest Rights" (BIRs) for the entire career of the horse under our ownership.

When the owners take money out of the partnership, there will be an equivalent bitcoin dividend paid to all BIR holders. A portion of all winnings will have to be retained to maintain the horse. When the horse is claimed or sold, BIR holders will also get their pro-rata interest in the sale.

Please visit the website for complete bylaws.

General Info:
We each put in $5,000 USD
Cost of horse was $1,500 + first $500 of winnings go to original owner
Cost of maintenance is ~$1,500 / mo
Planning for first race in January, 2012 at either Delta Downs in Vinton, La. or Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans, La.

We'd like to maintain a balance of ~ $3,000 while racing.

On race day:
Purses range from $9,000 - $35,000 for Maiden races, where Satoshi's Daemon will start.

Win: 60%
Place: 20%
Show: 11%
Fourth: 6%
Fifth: 3%
The rest: ~$80 each
Jockey Commission is 10% of our revenue from the race for a win(we offer $500 bonus to jockey for win)
Jockey Commission is 5% of our revenue from the race for a second or third place finish (no bonus to jockey)
Jockey is paid a mount fee ranging from $60 - $115 for 4th - last. (The amount is based on race purse money)
Trainer Commission is 30% of our revenue from the race
Trainer/Jockey commission may seem high, but we are getting preferential training rates. If Satoshi's Daemon goes onto bigger purse races, this could possibly be re-negotiated with the trainer, but the jockey commissions are standard and set by the Louisiana Racing Commission.

Taken from Sataoshi's Daemon website where current updates can be found also.

Addition of Satoshi's Daemon

We are excited about the addition of Satoshi's Daemon to our racing stable. She is a 2009 Louisiana-bred filly by Southern States (father) who is the son of stakes-placed winner Southern Halo (her grand father) who was the leading sire in Argentina 7 times while siring 170 stakes winners and 19 champions. The dam (mother) of our new prospect is Honalua Honey who broke her maiden on the turf with Maiden Special Weight company. She has produced (mothered) four other foals of racing age with all becoming winners. Honalua Honey's sire (father) is Manila who is a multiple stakes winner.  He was the 1986 Eclipse Champion Turf Male (USA). He was also inducted into the National Museum Racing Hall of Fame in 2008 while winning 12 of his 18 career starts with over $2.6 million in earnings. Satoshi's Daemon is a versatile, well bred prospect with a bright racing future.

Sataoshi's Daemon has been listed on the exchange since October 2011.  The current share price is 0.11 with a recent thirty day trading volume of three shares valued at 0.61BTC.

GLBSE charts

Saturday, 11 February 2012

GLBSE Ticker: CheaperinBitcoins-Stocks

CheaperinBitcoins-Stocks are shares in the company behind the website.  They are looking at setting up a website to act as an intermediary for the exchange of goods for BitCoins.  They are looking at relaunching the currently offline site in March 2011 or possibly before.

The following is from a post on by Xenland about his website

With merchants having the benefit of listing their products seamlessly into one website along side of other merchants products listed.
I plan on having free and paid merchant status. The differences are

Free Merchants
*$10 deposit (in BTC value)
*List unlimited products into 1 category per product
*1 photo per product
*0 Videos per product

Paid Merchants
*Monthly Payments
*List unlimited products into 3 different categories per product
*5 photos per product
*3 videos per product
*(Still working on this idea) Option to enable web hosting and easily using a on-line editor(no coding involved) to create a custom website shop that will automatically update product listings.

Both merchant types must be verified by Snail Mail(USPS) AND E-Mail no exceptions will be allowed.
Both merchants must upload documentation that proves products have been sent before funds are released to the merchant.
Both merchants will receive shipping funds immediately. This is to prevent merchants to be forced spend out of pocket.
Most decisions making for escalated disputes(Disputes that require a decision by a third party) will favor the merchants as they are Cheaper In Bitcoins customers but all escalated disputes will be considered with equality and kept aware that although most merchants are very trust worthy some may be con artists and that will always be taken account for when investigated escalated disputes.

As for the customers they will be presented with a Cheaper In Bitcoins website with a list of categories of products to choose from. Customers can browse across thousands of products from multiple merchants and add products into one shopping cart and have only one check out page this is to provide a seamless and transparent experience for the customer -- The customer doesn't have to know that they are purchasing form multiple merchants if they don't want too but the information of the merchant they are buying from will also be easily accessible to those who are interested in whom they are buying from by looking in the "Specs" tab on each product page.

Any and all of these plans can change for the final result but I've weighed out a lot of options of everything to my knowledge and this sounds like a good pursuit for investors, me and the community as a whole so I'm working hard to make it work out for everyone but in order for me to do that I need feed back so what do you think so far?

The shares listing is only from this January with a current price of 0.4499BTC and a traded volume of 242 shares valued at 33.66BTC in the first three weeks.

Link to GLBSE charts

Friday, 10 February 2012

Introducing Red Star Mining IPO GLBSE Ticker Listing: RSM

Introducing a new GLBSE listing Red Star Mining
Ticker symbol RSM
1000 shares are being sold for 0.30 BTC each (5% kept by CEO)

Investment used towards launching a new Bitcoin mining company (mining BTC & NMC). The mining will be done on two Radeon HD 7970's GPU's clocked at 1000MHz.  The combined MegaHash rate should be 1250 Mh/s minimum generating 27.70BTC a month at todays difficulty rate.

My electricity rates are £0.1185/$0.18KW/h so I'm estimating electricity will cost me £53/$84 a month to run the rig 24/7.  The cost of running the rig will be deducted from the Bitcoins mined before a dividend is paid.  The NMC generated will be saved up to pay for the company.  I will be keeping 5% of the shares my self due to buying a new 850W PSU and Hard-Drive.

I can be contacted via Facebook [matthewholt79]  & Email []

Matthew Holt

Thursday, 9 February 2012

UnofficialBTC GLBSE Ticker: UBTC

UBTC is a BitCoin investment company.  Taken from there website

"From providing simple solutions to complex problems, to helping consumers and merchants find each other, to posing new challenges to the bitcoin community, Unofficial BTC is determined to become the “unofficial” go-to company for everything that is new and exciting about bitcoins."  

Their mission statement

"The mission of Unofficial BTC is to promote, invest in, and spearhead projects and businesses that exemplify the most advantageous qualities of Bitcoin itself. Profitable growth will be maintained by focusing on the wants and needs of merchants, consumers, developers, and supporters of the bitcoin initiative."

Their first project was with BitcoinPrintShop, their latest is the Satoshi's Superstars competition, and the most ambitious is probably the upcoming Bitcoin Convention in San Antonio this Spring.  The shares have been listed on GLBSE since October 2011.  The current share price is 0.09BTC per share.  The shares have had a recent thirty day traded volume of 483 shares traded valued at 6.08BTC.

Link to UBTC GLBSE charts

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

CoinConnect BitCoin Ticker: CC

BitCoin Ticker CC is shares in the company CoinConnect which is a new social network aimed at BitCoin users.  The following is taken from a post by cabelpair (CC owner)

P.O. BOX 246
Hannibal NY 13074

GLBSE Ticker Symbol : CC
GLBSE Asset Link:

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    Business Description and Vision
    Definition of the Market
    Description of the Products and Services
    Organization and Management
    Marketing and Sales Strategy
    Financial Management

Executive Summary

CoinConnect is here because of Bitcoin and for Bitcoin. Social networking is quickly becoming one of the most widely used forms of communication and we want to bring that level of success to Bitcoin and the great businesses and organizations that use it and promote it.

It's time for Bitcoin to evolve to the next level and CoinConnect is here to help facilitate that growth.

CoinConnect is the bridge between Bitcoin and the rest of the world.

Business Description and Vision

CoinConnect was created to not only showcase the Bitcoin community to the outside world but also to provide a familiar social utility for consumers to connect with Bitcoin businesses and each other.

Social networking medium gives consumers, Bitcoin businesses and enthusiasts the chance to interact, participate and contribute. CoinConnect allows them to do all of this and more - in the Bitcoin world and provides a bridge connecting the Bitcoin community with the rest of the world.

The first goal of CoinConnect is to be adopted by the Bitcoin community at a positive level. This is already happening - everyday new Bitcoin businesses and enthusiasts are registering accounts and setting up their profiles. To encourage this first goal we are hosting the inaugural year of the first ever Bitcoin Mining Rig Builders Competition. This is an event which we hope we will be able to continue each and every year as long as mining is continuing. We have four Bitcoin corporate sponsors outside of CoinConnct who are sponsoring the prizes of the competition.,, & all are enthusiastic Bitcoin businesses who see the potential of CoinConnect and have partnered up with us on this venture.

The second goal of CoinConnect is to be operating at such a level where we can become profitable by selling advertising. We truly believe that Bitcoin is still in it's infancy and we want to help take Bitcoin to the next level. Common social networking sites like Facebook(c) and Twitter(c) are boasting record profits and we feel that CoinConnect only needs to get a small piece of that pie in order to make big profits for our shareholders, and provide Bitcoin in general with that exposure it needs to get to that next level.

Definition of the Market

For Bitcoin to grow we need to change the perception that the forums are the heart and soul of Bitcoin. This perception holds Bitcoin back and the Bitcoin community needs to grow beyond this forum. The decentralized currency needs a decentralized community, and CoinConnect is a step (one of many that are necessary) in that right direction. CoinConnect is currently getting 100-200 hits per day and we are certain we can multiple that 10x or more. Our target customer is the Bitcoin business startup who needs exposure. Our target users are people all around the globe who want to find out more about and connect with Bitcoin, Bitcoin businesses and organizations.

Description of the Products and Services

CoinConnect will provide a platform for Bitcoin business owners and enthusiasts to showcase their business, group, blog or just themselves. CoinConnect will showcase this Bitcoin community to the rest of the world and provide a familiar social networking medium for them to connect with it. CoinConnect once adopted publicly and on a large scale will begin to sell advertising space at competitive rates to Bitcoin businesses. The inaugural Bitcoin Mining Rig Builders Competition is a perfect example of the possibilities that CoinConnect holds.

Organization and Management

CoinConnect IPO was offered on the GBLSE on 09/25/2011 with 5000 (out of 10,000) Shares available at (0.02) Per Share

CoinConnect was founded and is operated by: 
C.E.O. Tom Van Riper 
P.O. Box 246, Hannibal NY 13074
(315) 514-0269 

Marketing and Sales Strategy

As stated before our revenue market is the Bitcoin business or organization that wants positive exposure to potential customers.
  • Products
     We will offer many levels of advertising to the potential business customer. We have teamed up with graphic design firm and can offer banner / logo design and basic to premium placement on our site. We are also looking into other income sources.
  • Payment processing
     We will only accept BTC as payment. Payments will be processed through (application approved)
  • Pricing
     We have not hammered out all the details yet on pricing but will make this information available soon. Prices will start out very reasonable. Basic advertisement packages will start out at 1 BTC.
  • Promotional avenues
     We plan to promote CoinConnect on many different platforms including GoogleAdwords(c), Facebook(c), Twitter(c) and Operation Fabulous just to name a few.
** New Product Announcement 
 We are very excited to announce the development of this product area, which I feel will be very profitable for CoinConnect:


We truly believe that Bitcoin will one day be at the center of digital currency and we are very excited to be a part of it. Our most fundamental motivation is to help Bitcoin and all the great Bitcoin businesses to be successful. Thank you for your time and interest in CoinConnect.

CoinConnect is owned by the same parent company GLBSE ticker BTCWEB.  The shares have been traded on GLBSE since September 2011 with a current share price of 0.010BTC per share with a thirty day traded volume of 450 shares valued at 2.40BTC.

Link to GLBSE charts for CC.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today I'm writing about GLBSE Ticker: BTCWEB the company offers web-hosting for BitCoins.  Their website looks very professional and their prices are reasonable too.  The company recently had a hostile take over bid talked about on which fell through.  The parent company also runs CoinConnect GLBSE Ticker: CC but were talk about them another day.  They paid their first quarterly dividend on the 1nd of January 2012 with the company results published on -

Quarterly Sales:
 BTCWU0001 Starter Web Hosting Package (1 Month) x 3 = $15
 BTCWU0003 Ultimate Web Hosting Package (1 Month) x 2 = $40
 BTCWU0005 Domain Name Purchase .com (1 Year) x 1 = $15.98
 BTCWU0011 Domain Name Purchase .eu (1 Year) x 1 = $15.99

Quarterly Expenses:
 Server x (1 Month) = $24.95
 Domain Purchase .com (1 Year) x 1 = $15.98
 Domain Purchase .eu (1 Year) x 1 = $15.99

Quarterly Profits: 
$30.05 / (mtgox last) 5.21006 = 5.76768789 BTC - Paid to Share Holders 01/02/2012

The shares have been traded on GLBSE since November 2011 with current share price is 0.084BTC per share with a recent thirty day traded volume of 532 shares valued at 20.73BTC.

Link to GLBSE charts

Monday, 6 February 2012

Investment Fund GLBSE Ticker: XID.ALPHA

XID.ALPHA offers you the chance to participate in a fund based on buying stocks in the Nasdaq 100 index and the top 100 capitalised stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.   This a link to the funds website showing back-tested results between January 2000 and July 2011 which certainly looks impressive.  Although the fund has been performing slightly less than the benchmark since the funds creation in July 2011 but still managed a profit of 0.83% in that time.  Shares in the fund can also be bought privately from the fund mangers themselves or publicly on GLBSE.  The fund managers don't take a management fee at the moment.  They also run a pricing bot on the GLBSE that factors in the current USD/BTC exchange rate and the market value of the fund offering to buy all publicly traded shares on GLBSE back.  It means public investors in the fund on GLBSE should always pay a fair price to either buy or sell shares in the fund.  As the fund is priced in USD it means the price on GLBSE tends to move in the inverse direction to the BTC exchange rate.  This means it can almost be used as a proxy for the USD with an added potential upside in the long-term.
The funds shares have been traded on GLBSE since August 2011 making it one of GLBSE oldest listing.  The current share price is 0.18531BTC per share with a recent thirty day traded volume of  78 shares valued at 12.04BTC.

Link to GLBSE charts

Link to the funds website

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Investment Fund GLBSE Ticker: is an investment fund backed by a company specialising in selling tobacco products for BTC. is an investment fund with holdings in silver, BTC and USD as well as mining.  The smoke shop website is currently looking for a new web developer currently the website is barely functioning.  Once a developer has been hired the fund manager says he has several other projects on the horizon. shares were first listed on GLBSE in October 2011 at 0.2BTC per share there current price is 0.175BTC per share.  They did a test dividend payment in January and are looking at paying a full dividend February 26th 2011.  Following dividends will be paid on the last Sunday of every month.  The shares had a recent thirty day trading of 185 shares valued at 18.88BTC.  They are looking at paying their first dividend soon.  They are also looking at expending into several new projects that will deliver consumer goods, gaming financials and more. GLBSE charts website

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Islamic Bank of Bitcoin مصرف بتكوين الاسلامي GLBSE Ticker: IBB

The Islamic Bank of BitCoin brings Islamic banking to the BitCoin world  (Wikipedia article on Islamic Banking link  Christian banking in Europe also prohibited interest (Usury) being charged on loans until the Renaissance once Italian banking familys realised they could make more money from doing loans in Arabic numbers  with interest instead of using the commonly used Roman numerals at the time with a fee.)  Anway IBB does not charge fee's on loans or even late payment fee's but does accept gratitude payments and donations.  IBB also invests in other BitCoin businesses as well.  They pay monthly dividends which have continually grown since there first issue in August 2011.  The last issue of dividends was 0.0103BTC per share and with a current share price of  0.42BTC per share that's not bad going.  The current thirty day traded volume is 168 shares valued at 52.24BTC.

IBB GLBSE charts link

Islamic Bank of Bitcoin website link

IBB on thread

Friday, 3 February 2012

BitCoin Mining product GLBSE Ticker: JLP-BMD

Today we are looking at another BitCoin mining product JL421 Productions.  GLBSE ticker: JLP-BMD  They are mining on two 2 ATI 5850s and two ATI 5970 with a current combined 1.584GigaHash/s at an efficiency of 2.88Mhash/j.  Being a mining company you can expect regular dividends.  Their recent dividend information 

Pending Dividends = 37.8 BTC
Total shares paid = 3,975 
Dividend per share = 0.00950943 BTC (4.75% return @ 0.20 BTC per share, 247.0% per year per share. (Note: Pay per year not representative of actual performance.) ) 

From this recent forum post - 

- Current Utility Buffer : 16.84192437 BTC / 101.05 USD (30.89 Days)

- Current Expenses (Based on current power consumption and exchange rate) : 0.59 BTC per day / $3.54 USD per day (17.7 BTC per month / $106.20 USD per month)

- Current Income (Based on current hash rate, difficulty, and exchange rate) : 1.04536609 BTC per day / $6.27 USD per day (31.36098270 BTC per month / $188.17 USD per month)

- Profit : 0.45536609 BTC per day / $2.73 USD per day (13.6609827 BTC per month / $81.97 USD per month)

The shares have been listed on GLBSE since October 2011.  The current share price is 0.195BTC with a thirty day trading volume of 440.00 shares valued at 67.81BTC.  Link to JPL-BMD GLBSE charts.

Link to JL421 Productions - BitCoin Mining Division website.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

GLBSE Mining Product 'Block Miners' Ticker: BMMO

Today we are looking at GLBSE Ticker: BMMO another BitCoin mining operation listed on GLBSE.  Their current mining operation is exceeding 10GigaHash/s.  The shares were first issued in October 2011.  Being a mining operation you can expect a regular dividend.

The following was taken from their website

Each BMMO share is a mining contract for 1 Mega Hash. Dividends are paid weekly every Sunday for the previous week. You must hold the share at the exact time of dividend payout to be entitled to the dividend. All values are denominated in BTC per share.

They are looking at creating a new product BMPO.  

BMPO is a Merged Mining Pool currently under development. We will post more updates as they become available. If you would like to get involved, please contact us!

There current thirty day trading volume of shares is 1090.00 shares.  At a value of 289.59BTC.  The shares are currently trading at 0.37BTC each.  A link to BMMO GLBSE charts

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BitCoinTorrentz on GLBSE

BitCoinTorrentz is a remote bit-torrent downloading service that offers to download torrents for users then offer them a direct download.  The major advantage of this service is the users I.P address is not publicly available for view when the torrent is being downloaded.  They charge 0.05BTC per GB of downloaded data. BitCoinTorrentz shares are currently selling for 0.5BTC each with a thirty day volume of 145 shares valued at 80.57BTC.  BitCoinTorrentz shares have been traded on GLBSE since September 2011.

Link to BitCoinTorrentz GLBSE charts

Link to BitCoinTorrentz website