Thursday, 9 February 2012

UnofficialBTC GLBSE Ticker: UBTC

UBTC is a BitCoin investment company.  Taken from there website

"From providing simple solutions to complex problems, to helping consumers and merchants find each other, to posing new challenges to the bitcoin community, Unofficial BTC is determined to become the “unofficial” go-to company for everything that is new and exciting about bitcoins."  

Their mission statement

"The mission of Unofficial BTC is to promote, invest in, and spearhead projects and businesses that exemplify the most advantageous qualities of Bitcoin itself. Profitable growth will be maintained by focusing on the wants and needs of merchants, consumers, developers, and supporters of the bitcoin initiative."

Their first project was with BitcoinPrintShop, their latest is the Satoshi's Superstars competition, and the most ambitious is probably the upcoming Bitcoin Convention in San Antonio this Spring.  The shares have been listed on GLBSE since October 2011.  The current share price is 0.09BTC per share.  The shares have had a recent thirty day traded volume of 483 shares traded valued at 6.08BTC.

Link to UBTC GLBSE charts

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