Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today I'm writing about GLBSE Ticker: BTCWEB the company offers web-hosting for BitCoins.  Their website looks very professional and their prices are reasonable too.  The company recently had a hostile take over bid talked about on bitcointalk.org which fell through.  The parent company also runs CoinConnect GLBSE Ticker: CC but were talk about them another day.  They paid their first quarterly dividend on the 1nd of January 2012 with the company results published on bitcointalk.org -

Quarterly Sales:
 BTCWU0001 Starter Web Hosting Package (1 Month) x 3 = $15
 BTCWU0003 Ultimate Web Hosting Package (1 Month) x 2 = $40
 BTCWU0005 Domain Name Purchase .com (1 Year) x 1 = $15.98
 BTCWU0011 Domain Name Purchase .eu (1 Year) x 1 = $15.99

Quarterly Expenses:
 Server x (1 Month) = $24.95
 Domain Purchase .com (1 Year) x 1 = $15.98
 Domain Purchase .eu (1 Year) x 1 = $15.99

Quarterly Profits: 
$30.05 / (mtgox last) 5.21006 = 5.76768789 BTC - Paid to Share Holders 01/02/2012

The shares have been traded on GLBSE since November 2011 with current share price is 0.084BTC per share with a recent thirty day traded volume of 532 shares valued at 20.73BTC.

Link to GLBSE charts

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