Monday, 6 February 2012

Investment Fund GLBSE Ticker: XID.ALPHA

XID.ALPHA offers you the chance to participate in a fund based on buying stocks in the Nasdaq 100 index and the top 100 capitalised stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.   This a link to the funds website showing back-tested results between January 2000 and July 2011 which certainly looks impressive.  Although the fund has been performing slightly less than the benchmark since the funds creation in July 2011 but still managed a profit of 0.83% in that time.  Shares in the fund can also be bought privately from the fund mangers themselves or publicly on GLBSE.  The fund managers don't take a management fee at the moment.  They also run a pricing bot on the GLBSE that factors in the current USD/BTC exchange rate and the market value of the fund offering to buy all publicly traded shares on GLBSE back.  It means public investors in the fund on GLBSE should always pay a fair price to either buy or sell shares in the fund.  As the fund is priced in USD it means the price on GLBSE tends to move in the inverse direction to the BTC exchange rate.  This means it can almost be used as a proxy for the USD with an added potential upside in the long-term.
The funds shares have been traded on GLBSE since August 2011 making it one of GLBSE oldest listing.  The current share price is 0.18531BTC per share with a recent thirty day traded volume of  78 shares valued at 12.04BTC.

Link to GLBSE charts

Link to the funds website

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