Saturday, 18 February 2012

Stock pick of the month: CoinConnect GLBSE ticker symbol: CC

If you've got some BTC to invest and you aren't looking at mining company's then I recommend you take a look at CoinConnect (GLBSE charts).  CoinConnect is a new social network aimed at Bitcoin users and I think the potential is massive.  If you look at how busy and active forum is you can see how active the Bitcoin community is but forums are very limited when it comes to networking and company's reaching customers.  CoinConnect has been online for nearly a year but has been plagued by spammers and suffered by the developer's resources he has been able to put into that single project but now the developer has been able to find someone to administrate and moderate the site.  So now the site can reach its full potential and slowly grow to a macro scale user base possibly bigger than  The shares are a bargain at the moment at just 0.018BTC each get in there fast while there still peanuts because I think this time next year that figure could be on the other side of the decimal place.

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