Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ultima Fund. None GLBSE investment.

Taken from there home page -

Ultima Fund is the first bitcoin denominated investment fund open to public. It's simple and inovative design allows you to invest in various financial markets around the world, both bitcoin and non-bitcoin denominated. Our goal is to merge the simplicity of traditional mutual funds and sophistication of modern hedge funds.
You can start investing with us in just a few minutes.  No financial expertise needed.  First you need to open an account.  Don't worry, you are not obliged to invest anything.  You can just register to see how it looks, no need to deposit any real bitcoins.  You will get your personal deposit address when you log in for the first time.  Use this address to deposit real bitcoins when (and if) you decide to invest.  There is no minimum deposit required.  You can start with just 0.01 BTC if you like.  We charge a small deposit fee that will be deducted from every deposit you make.  Check "fund data and expenses" below for exact numbers.
When you wish to withdraw your bitcoins, just submit a withdrawal request from you personal account page.  You can withdraw the current value of your investment at any time.  Withdrawals are always commission free!

Ultima fund is none GLBSE private fund.  Around 90% of the gains so far have been through trading Bitcoin.  They have opened other positions too on EUR/USD and USD/CHF currency pairs.  They was looking to invest in silver but missed the dip, so at the moment are waiting for a pull back to $30 when they plan to add some silver to the fund.

They don't trade specific stocks only options and publicly traded funds.  The stratergy seems to be invested as little time as possible and wait for the extremes in the market.  The fund manager claimed the stratergy has been working for him for years but can be boring in times of no opportunities.  They state their first concern is not to loose money and the second one is to make money.  Check them out at

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